Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Link to the video removed, as apparently I was misled and got mixed up with the videos.
Thank you to the commentators who were kind enough to point that out to me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

France honors its engagement

Jacques Chirac, the French president, in his address to the Nation minutes ago, confirmed that France will honor its engagement in regards to the UNIFIL.
This step comes as France assures that it has received the answers it was waiting for, among them:
- Harder ROE (Rules Of Engagements), the UNIFIL will have the right to use force whenever it deems it necessary,
- More countries will also honor their engagement.

So, France will be sending 2000 troops, and will be also assuming the command of the UNIFIL.
Welcome !!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Lebanese Army sipping TEA with the Israeli Army

The IDF(Israeli Defense Forces) released a video, a few days ago, shot by one of its soldiers in the lebanese southern town of Marjayun.

First, let's briefly remember what happened in that town. Israeli forces entered the town on August 10th, without resistance.

Marjayun being a christian town, there was no HA presence there, and the IDF entered it very quickly.
However, there was a Lebanese Armed Forces and Lebanese Internal Security barracks in the town.
These forces did NOT fight.

To get back to the Video released by the IDF, it shows the Israeli and lebanese soldiers having tea together, in a relaxed atmospheres, where Isreali soldiers were even taped smiling, and exchanging bits of conversation with the Lebanese.
All that, while fierce battles were raging elsewhere.

But the most important thing, is the LAF general's answer to the question as to why that happened: "We had our orders from the Ministry of Interior, not to shoot a single shot. We were in line with these orders"....

Now let's go back just a few days back in time, before the Israeli ground invasion began (there was only the IAF bombing from the air) and remember what the Lebanese Interior Minister, Elias Murr, said in a statement, which was a reply to the Israeli's intention of using the ground operations option:
"I have given strict and clear orders. If the Israeli Army comes into the lebanese soil, the Lebanese Armed Forces, I repeat, the Lebanese Armed Forces will intercept the invasion, and fight back."

I hardly think a tee-cup is "fighting back invasion".

Now, if I were Hassan Nasrallah, I would somehow feel backstabbed !!!!!!..... here's my interior minister declaring that he has given orders to the LAF to fight the israeli invasion on one hand, but on the other hand, I have taped proof that such orders did not exist. Quite on the contrary actually..

Was Murr's statement done not to raise HA's suspicions ?..

In all cases, 2 things are very clear:
- Orders not to fire a single shot against the Israeli Army do not mean to have a cup of tea with the latter
- The General, by not firing at the IDF, most certainly spared the lives of many men (Lebanese men).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AOUN, once again, morally and politically supports HIZBULLAH ! PART 2

This is part 2 of my first post AOUN, once again, morally and politically supports HIZBULLAH ! .

I thought there would be no part 2, but general Michel Aoun(MA), once again, proved me wrong.

I just listened to an interview he gave today to the radio station "Sawt al Ghad".

First and foremost, in ALL MA's interviews that I listened too, something stroke me each and every time... NOT ONCE has he had in front of him a journalist, or attendance who doesn't share his ideas. Not once.
Today's interview was no exception, with the "unbiased" journalist thanking warmly MA at the end of the interview, for his moral support. Not to mention the questions she asked... Welcome to the USSR !

Let me try to resume what MA said in this interview.
First, he starts by saying that Israel has lost, and that all of its supporters in Lebanon have lost too. Reminds you of anything ?

He continues to say, to assert, like if speaking in HA's name (litteraly, he said "I assure the people who are afraid that.."), that HA's arms will never be turned against the lebanese, and will always serve to protect Lebanon. Good to know that he has been mandated to speak on behalf of HA...

He then says that no western country is trying to defend Lebanon, naming France and the US. And he politely invites all those who are saying otherwise to "shut up" (direct quote). Nice.. what next, declare war on France ??

He carries on to attack the government (what's new ?), saying there is not a real government (of course ! he's not in it !)

Then he accuses the governement of not having defended Nasrallah and HA against the US, who call him Terrorist.
As he put it, the government should have told the US that Nasrallah is a man followed by his people and his country which he is defending (in reference of course to the lebanese people...). uh... hello ? I do NOT follow Nasrallah, and yes, I am lebanese, was born lebanese, will die lebanese.

then, MA said that his alliance with HA was to..... reconciliate the different parts of the government between themselves (HA and march 14), and that he has no other interest whatsoever........ I swear he said that :) Do I really need to comment that ? maybe with only some keywords: presidential elections, shiites, allies.

Finally, the journalist asked MA what would be the solution, as he is a "very experienced political man". Note : MA is NOT an experienced politician, he is a MILITARY man. He has as much political depth as I have knowledge in the chinese middle age literature.

So MA answers: "the solution is that the lebanese must be lebanese"... yep, deep.
He continues to explain, saying that the lebanese leaders who used to travel and have meetings with the politicians in the US, France, etc, should not have done so. they should have sit with their lebanese counterparts instead of going seeking external support.
This, coming from the "very experienced politician"........
Note: Lebanon is a very small country used by everyone else to settle their accounts, and were it not for some external help, Lebanon would have been in much deeper trouble, to say the least.
Why doesn't he ask his allies, HA, with whom they have been meeting ? ... (hint: it's to the east !)

The journalist asked, again very "objectively": " General MA had foreseen all of this situation, before it happened, and said that it would happen, even before the war. were his words heard by the politicians ?" yes she sometimes addresses him in the 3rd person.

MA: "No, they were counting on the war to happen"..

and MA added "humbly" : "No military expert could have foreseen the nature of HA's secrets and readiness.. BUT I MYSELF can compare the IDF and the Resistance. and I MYSELF have said that HA is capable of breaking the israeli destruction machine, and it did ! with very very few casualties among HA fighters ! IDF is faced with historical shame for the civilian casualties and the destruction that outdid relatively the iraqi destruction.".... again, I swear he said that ! apparently, MA has the count of HA fighters fallen... or maybe talk is cheap.

Commenting about the positive side of the war, MA said it was the national unity that the lebanese showed ! uhu, right, exactly, and my blog is the proof of it, right ?? and the other lebanese blogs opposing HA too, right ?

Now comes one of my favorite parts. the journalist says "you have significantly contributed to the national unity between all lebanese, by your alliance with HA, and you have succeeded, and the proof to your success is the unity of the lebanese with the refugees from the south. so how can you play yet a bigger role in unity ?"
uh....excuse me ?? my friends in Lebanon accepted and took in all the refugess they could, out of humanity. IN NO WAY they are supporters of MA, and in no way they did it because of MA's alliance with HA... what a perverted way to try proving something that is in fact not true !
I guess that "Medecins sans frontières", and all the international humanitarian aids also came to Lebanon because of MA's alliance with HA...... right ?

And here, my very best part of the interview..
Then the journalist asks : "for those Lebanese who are desperate of Lebanon, what do tell them ?"

MA:" 3 things: Love, faith, and hope. because with Love you can break barriers, with faith you move mountains, and with hope you run under the sand"..
Hearing this replu, a song comes to my mind, called What If God Was One Of Us ;) I truly believe that he thinks he is some sort of divinity.

So let me resume MA's speech: To hell with the government, to hell with France, to hell with the US, I hate their guts, all of them ! the solution is love...... let us love each others..

If I can allow myself, some advice to General Michel Aoun (you are free to complete the list):

- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- You won't become president by betraying your principles,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- You cannot criticize the government on a daily basis and pretend to be helping it,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- You cannot preach love when all you do is bark curses on everyone who opposes you and HA,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- It doesn't do you any good to change political positions 180° just few months after your return to Lebanon,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- I know you are 71 and eager to be president, but this is not the way, believe me, I was a supporter of yours..
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- Work hand in hand with the real and true lovers of Lebanon, even if it is against your doubtful actual political allies,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- You should NOT be attacking your government, while it is coming under fire from Syria and Hizbullah, for your own personal interests,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- If you really love your country, work hand in hand with the legitimate power of your country (hint: your government), instead of stupidly calling HA's arms "the defense of Lebanon",
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- You should not allow yourself to say that you don't need France and the west. They just might hear you, and abandon you..,
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,
- You should not take sides with ASSAD and HA, against your own government, it will backfire one day, you'll see. Like I said, I WAS a supporter of yours... already backfiring, see ?
- You are NOT Jesus Christ,

I'll stop here, even though I can go on and on.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I just saw a comic movie called "the syrian president speaks in front of the syrian press".

Actually Al-Assad was addressing a while ago, a hall full of syrian press representatives (correct me if I'm wrong).
He basically said what you would expect him to say, not very inventive. Dictators don't have to be.
The audience did what you would expect it to do, applause stupidly and in coordination. Start applausing at the same fraction of the second, stop applausing at the same fraction of the second.

Till now, nothing new, standard masquerade of a "leader's" "free" speech. I was preparing to change channels, when.......
..when mister al-assad decided to call the Lebanese who kicked him out of Lebanon "traitors"...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, lovers of the free world, you are traitors by mister Al-Assad's standards.

Actually, Al-Assad started off, expectedly, by praising the "tremendous victory of the Hizbulla (HA) over Israel", and the usual blabla.
And then, came the interesting part.
Al-Assad called the Lebanese who participated in the Cedar Revolution, which kicked the syrians out of Lebanon, traitors, because they are demanding the disarmament of HA.

The syrian president doesn't stop here, but also makes allegations that those Lebanese, known as the march 14 coalition, made a deal with the Israelis, to enter Lebanon and attack HA and disarm it by force.

He continued to say that they were trying to do like the "lebanese traitors" had done in 1982/1983, on this famous 17 may, when the IDF entered Lebanon to destroy the PLO.

And, as by some miracle, there was in the audience, some Lebanese supporters of HA, who INTERRUPTED Al -Assad in his speech, by standing up and starting to read a written statement, thanking HA, thanking Syria, and of course thanking Al-Assad....... how appropriate.

and Al-Assad let them interrupt him without any frustration, or surprise..
How spontaneous huh ?...... Especially when we know how much the freedom of expression is an unknown concept in Syria.. Do they really expect the world to believe that this intervention was not staged ?? I wonder...

The lebanese lady finishes praising the god Al-Assad, and the latter carries on with his speech.
He will be interrupted again 3 or 4 times, and the same ritual will be played again and again.
One of these times, a poet interrupted him, to recite a poem to his glory !

How refreshing it was to see how "democratic" Syria is, and how freedom of speech is respected.

Damascus spring, whenever you are ready guys !

I just hope that "the traitors" will have enough courage not to be intimidated by this man, and that they will ontinue the battle for a free and sovereign Lebanon..

Update 1 : The German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, cancelled his trip to Damascus, after Assad's speeck.

Monday, August 14, 2006

How the lebanese are seen by israelis

I invite all the israelis who surf on the lebanese blogs, to write a few lines and describe how they feel, and what they think about the lebanese people. And how they see the future of the region.
Don't hesitate to elaborate..

For all the racists (of both sides) and the narrow minded people (which is actually a redondancy), please don't pollute this blog with your unwelcome remarks.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Resolution 1701 IS BORN !!

The UN Security Council passed unanimously the resolution draft, 15 votes.
Resulotion 1701 is born.
The Lebanese cabinet will take up the Resolution on saturday, the Israeli cabinet on sunday.

Updates as the story develops..

UPDATE 1 : The cease-fire is to take effect monday at 8am
UPDATE 2 : Israel is escalating its ground offensive and warning of bigger bombardments of Beirut (thank you Ryan)

Friday, August 11, 2006


I want to share with you an article I ran across today, written by a lebanese journalist, namely Michael Béhé, in Beirut. The article appeared in the Metula News Agency website. It is a bit long, but very interesting.

The reason I paste your this article is that I think it differs from almost ALL what has been written so far, and it expresses opinions of Lebanese people, so it deserves the attention. (the article was written in Beirut)
I reserve my opinion for myself for the time being, but would express it in the comments as they go.
here goes:


The politicians, journalists and intellectuals of Lebanon have, of late, been experiencing the shock of their lives. They knew full well that Hezbollah had created an independent state in our country, a state including all the ministers and parallel institutions, duplicating those of Lebanon. What they did not know – and are discovering with this war, and what has petrified them with surprise and terror – is the extent of this phagocytosis.

In fact, our country had become an extension of Iran, and our so-called political power also served as a political and military cover for the Islamists of Teheran. We suddenly discovered that Teheran had stocked more than 12,000 missiles, of all types and calibers, on our territory and that they had patiently, systematically, organized a suppletive force, with the help of the Syrians, that took over, day after day, all the rooms in the House of Lebanon. Just imagine it : we stock ground-to-ground missiles, Zilzals, on our territory and that the firing of such devices without our knowledge, has the power to spark a regional strategic conflict and, potentially, bring about the annihilation of Lebanon.

We knew that Iran, by means of Hezbollah, was building a veritable Maginot line in the south but it was the pictures of Maroun el-Ras and Bint J’bail that revealed to us the magnitude of these constructions. This amplitude made us understand several things at once : that we were no longer masters of our destiny. That we do not possess the most basic means necessary to reverse the course of this state of things and that those who turned our country into an outpost of their islamic doctrine’s combat against Israel did not have the slightest intention of willingly giving up their hold over us.

The national salvation discussions that concerned the application of Resolution 1559 and which included most of the Lebanese political movements were simply for show. Iran and Syria had not invested billions of dollars on militarizing Lebanon in order to wage their war, simply to give in to the desire of the Lebanese and the international community for them to pack up their hardware and set it up back home.

And then, the indecision, the cowardice, the division and the irresponsible behavior of our leaders are such that they had no effort to make to show their talent. No need to engage a wrestling match with the other political components of the Land of Cedars. The latter showed themselves – and continue to show themselves – to be inconsistent.

Of course, our army, reshaped over the years by the Syrian occupier so it could no longer fulfill its role as protector of the nation, did not have the capacity to tackle the militamen of the Hezb [hezb-Allah : the party of Allah. Translator’s note]. Our army whom it is more dangerous to call upon – because of the explosive equilibrium that constitutes each of its brigades – than to shut up behind locked doors in its barracks. A force that is still largely loyal to its former foreign masters, to the point of being uncontrollable ; to the point of having collaborated with the Iranians to put OUR coastal radar stations at the disposal of their missiles, that almost sunk an Israeli boat off the shores of Beirut. As for the non-Hezbollah elements in the government, they knew nothing of the existence of land-to-sea missiles on our territory… That caused the totally justified destruction of all OUR radar stations by the Hebrews’ army. And even then we are getting off lightly in these goings-on.

It is easy now to whine and gripe, and to play the hypocritical role of victims. We know full well how to get others to pity us and to claim that we are never responsible for the horrors that regularly occur on our soil. Of course, that is nothing but rubbish! The Security Council’s Resolution 1559 – that demanded that OUR government deploy OUR army on OUR sovereign territory, along OUR international border with Israel and that it disarm all the militia on OUR land – was voted on 2 September 2004.

We had two years to put implement this resolution and thus guarantee a peaceful future to our children but we did strictly nothing. Our greatest crime – which was not the only one! – was not that we did not succeed but that we did not attempt or undertake anything. And that was the fault of none else than the pathetic Lebanese politicians.

Our government, from the very moment the Syrian occupier left, let ships and truckloads of arms pour into our country. Without even bothering to look at their cargo. They jeopardized all chances for the rebirth of our country by confusing the Cedar Revolution with the liberation of Beirut. In reality, we had just received the chance – a sort of unhoped-for moratorium – that allowed us to take the future into our own hands, nothing more.

To think that we were not even capable of agreeing to “hang” Émile Lahoud – Al-Assad’s puppet – on Martyrs’ Square and that he is still president of what some insist on calling our republic… There is no need to look any further : we are what we are, that is to say, not much.

All those who assume public and communicational responsibilities in this country are responsible for this catastrophe. Except those of my colleagues, journalists and editors, who are dead, assassinated by the Syrian thugs, because they were clearly less cowardly than those who survived. And Lahoud remained at Baadbé [the president of the Lebanese Republic’s palace. Editor’s note]!

And when I speak of a catastrophe, I do not mean the action accomplished by Israel in response to the aggression against its civilians and its army, which was produced from our soil and that we did strictly nothing to avoid, and for which we are consequently responsible. Any avoiding of this responsibility – some people here do not have the minimal notions of international law necessary to understand! – means that Lebanon, as a state, does not exist.

The hypocrisy goes on : even some editorialists of the respectable L’Orient-le-Jour put Hezbollah’s savagery and that of the Israelis on a par! Shame! Spinelessness! And who are we in this fable? Poor ad æternum victims of the ambitions of others?

Politicians either support this insane idea or keep silent. Those we would expect to speak, to save our image, remain silent like the others. And I am precisely alluding to general Aoun, who could have made a move by proclaiming the truth. Even his enemy, Walid Jumblatt, the Druse leader, has proved to be less… vague.

Lebanon a victim? What a joke!

Before the Israeli attack, Lebanon no longer existed, it was no more than a hologram. At Beirut innocent citizens like myself were forbidden access to certain areas of their own capital. But our police, our army and our judges were also excluded. That was the case, for example, of Hezbollah’s and the Syrians’ command zone in the Haret Hreik quarter (in red on the satellite map). A square measuring a kilometer wide, a capital within the capital, permanently guarded by a Horla army [1], possessing its own institutions, its schools, its crèches, its tribunals, its radio, its television and, above all… its government. A “government” that, alone decided, in the place of the figureheads of the Lebanese government – in which Hezbollah also had its ministers! – to attack a neighboring state, with which we had no substantial or grounded quarrel, and to plunge US into a bloody conflict. And if attacking a sovereign nation on its territory, assassinating eight of its soldiers, kidnapping two others and, simultaneously, launching missiles on nine of its towns does not constitute a casus belli, the latter juridical principle will seriously need revising.

Thus almost all of these cowardly politicians, including numerous shiah leaders and religious personalities themselves, are blessing each bomb that falls from a Jewish F-16 turning the insult to our sovereignty that was Haret Hreik, right in the heart of Beirut, into a lunar landscape. Without the Israelis, how could we have received another chance – that we in no way deserve! – to rebuild our country?

Each Irano-Syrian fort that Jerusalem destroys, each islamic fighter they eliminate, and Lebanon proportionally starts to live again! Once again, the soldiers of Israel are doing our work. Once again, like in 1982, we are watching – cowardly, lying low, despicable, and insulting them to boot – their heroic sacrifice that allows us to keep hoping. To not be swallowed up in the bowels of the earth. Because, of course, by dint of not giving a damn for southern Lebanon, of letting foreigners take hold of the privileges that belong to us, we no longer had the ability to recover our independence and sovereignty. If, at the end of this war, the Lebanese army retakes control over its territory and gets rid of the state within a state – that tried to suffocate the latter –, it will only be thanks to Tsahal [the Israeli Defense Forces. Translator’s note], and that, all these faint-hearted politicians, from the crook Fouad Siniora, to Saad Hariri, the son of Lebanon’s plunderer, and general Aoun all know perfectly well.

As for the destruction caused by the Israelis… that is another imposture : look at the satellite map! I have situated, as best I could, BUT IN THEIR CORRECT PROPORTIONS, the parts of my capital that have been destroyed by Israel. They are Haret Hreik – in its totality – and the dwellings of Hezbollah’s leaders, situated in the large Shi’a suburb of Dayaa (as they spell it) and that I have circled in blue.

In addition to these two zones, Tsahal has exploded a nine-storied building that housed Hezbollah’s command, in Beirut’s city center, above and slightly to the left (to the north west) of Haret Hreik on the map. It was Nasrallah’s “perch” inside the city, whereby he asserted his presence and domination over us. A depot of Syrian arms in the port, two army radars that the Shiite officers had put at the Hezb’s disposal, and a truck suspected of transporting arms, in the Christian quarter of Ashrafieh.

Moreover the road and airport infrastructures were put out of working order : they served to provide Hezbollah with arms and munitions. Apart from that, Tsahal has neither hit nor deteriorated anything, and all those who speak of the “destruction of Beirut” are either liars, Iranians, anti-Semites or absent. Even the houses situated one alley’s distance from the targets I mentioned have not been hit, they have not even suffered a scratch; on contemplating these results of this work you understand the meaning of the concept “surgical strikes” and you can admire the dexterity of the Jewish pilots.

Satellite map of Beirut MISSING but not indispensable for the comprehension of the article (Jean)

Beirut, all the rest of Beirut, 95% of Beirut, lives and breathes better than a fortnight ago. All those who have not sided with terrorism know they have strictly nothing to fear from the Israeli planes, on the contrary! One example: last night the restaurant where I went to eat was jammed full and I had to wait until 9:30 pm to get a table. Everyone was smiling, relaxed, but no one filmed them: a strange destruction of Beirut, is it not?

Of course, there are some 500,000 refugees from the south who are experiencing a veritable tragedy and who are not smiling. But Jean [Tsadik. Editor’s note], who has his eyes fixed on Kfar Kileh, and from whom I have learned to believe each word he says, assures me that practically all the houses of the aforesaid refugees are intact. So they will be able to come back as soon as Hezbollah is vanquished.

The defeat of the Shi’a fundamentalists of Iranian allegiance is imminent. The figures communicated by Nasrallah’s minions and by the Lebanese Red-Cross are deceiving: firstly, of the 400 dead declared by Lebanon, only 150 are real collateral civilian victims of the war, the others were militiamen without uniform serving Iran. The photographic report “Les Civils des bilans libanais” made by Stéphane Juffa for our agency constitutes, to this day, the unique tangible evidence of this gigantic morbid manipulation. Which makes this document eminently important.

Moreover, Hassan Nasrallah’s organization has not lost 200 combatants, as Tsahal claims. This figure only concerns the combats taking place on the border and even then the Israelis underestimate it, for a reason that escapes me, by about a hundred militiamen eliminated. The real count of Hezbollah’s casualties, that includes those dead in Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, Baalbek and their other camps, rocket and missile launchers and arms and munition depots amounts to 1,100 supplementary Hezbollah militiamen who have definitively ceased to terrorize and humiliate my country.

Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I pray that no one puts an end to the Israeli attack before it finishes shattering the terrorists. I pray that the Hebrew soldiers will penetrate all the hidden recesses of southern Lebanon and will hunt out, in our stead, the vermin that has taken root there. Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I have put the champagne ready in the refrigerator to celebrate the Israeli victory.

But contrary to them – and to paraphrase Michel Sardou [a French singer. Translator’s note] –, I recognize that they are also fighting for our liberty, another battle “where you were not present”! And in the name of my people, I wish to express my infinite gratitude to the relatives of the Israeli victims – civilian and military – whose loved ones have fallen so that I can live standing upright in my identity. They should know that I weep with them.

As for the pathetic clique that thrives at the head of my country, it is time for them to understand that after this war, after our natural allies have rid us of those who are hindering us from rebuilding a nation, a cease-fire or an armistice will not suffice. To ensure the future of Lebanon, it is time to make peace with those we have no reason to go to war against. In fact, only peace will ensure peace. Someone must tell them because in this country we have not learnt what a truism is.


Feel free to discuss any point of the article on the comments section. I do not know the author, but I think it would be interesting to debate the ideas he expressed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

AOUN, once again, morally and politically supports HIZBULLAH !

I have reported in a previous post that Aoun could be playing a double game, one internally and the second on the international level. I had based my post on testemonies and facts from both Israelis and Lebanese.

Tonight, many sources are beginning to talk about a possible UN Security Council resolution in the next 24 hours, to achieve a permanent cease-fire.
Many speculations are circulating in these moments about the contents of such a resolution.
It is more or less clear by now that the resolution would call for the deployment of the LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces), backed by an international force.
HA would have to release unconditionally the prisoners in a first step, and be disarmed with the help of the international force in a second step.

So far so good. Now, the question I have asked in my previous post , where does Aoun really stand ?

Well, at the beginning of the hostilities, he gave a statement saying that he supported the Lebanese government in ALL its decisions. Beautiful.

But as we all know, Aoun is tied with HA by an agreement made before the hostilities.
Even though he officially supports the government in all its decisions, since the beginning of the hostilities, he has not refrained from criticizing it.

Tonight, once again, truthful to himself, Aoun steps out to unilaterarly oppose this potential UN SC Resolution.
Aoun apparently refuses any disarmement of HA by external forces or extenal ways.
Moreover, he carries on by saying that he supported the government since the beginning, but that they kept making the wrong moves, and had the government adopted Aoun's alliance agreement with HA, not one single shot would have been fired.

How is that "supporting the government", I wonder ? For me, supporting someone is embracing their ideas, or at least giving to that someone useful advice. Not criticizing him all the way. Not taking the integrality of one's decisions in the interests of HA, whether it suits the government or not..

In my opinion, Aoun sheltered himself by saying he supported the government, while he in fact kept his entire independance and distance from that government, that he doesn't miss a chance to criticize.

Is it really rational at this stage to demand that the arms of HA be discussed internally, like Aoun wants ?? is it really good to go back to those masquerades, called "national dialogue" meetings, where Aound and HA opposed every decision ?
No, we cannot disarm HA internally ! and that's a fact !
So what is Aoun's aim, when he refuses to disarm HA with external ways ?

Criticizing the government puts Aoun on the front scene. Bullseye !

Once again, I am part of no lebanese political party, so refrain from throwing cheap accusations to avoid addressing the real problem at hand.

Update 1 : Aoun also said that Israel would be glad if Syria went back to Lebanon, because it would be more confortable to Israel that way.
How is that possible, I wonder. If syria is in Lebanon, Syria controls everything, including HA and the borders ! And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that there is lost love between Syria and Israel .... How would it be better for Israel ?
Secondly, to continue with the conspiracy theories, if Israel wanted to control Lebanon, what would be the best way to do that ? DEMOCRACY ! because a democratic Lebanon, weaker economically and militarily that Israel, is easier to control. you just have to control the president and the PM, through economic or any other way...

Update 2 : Olmert announced that he will be ordering the full ground offensive, because basically he is unhappy with the UN resolution..
So all of you in Lebanon, brace yourselves ... thank you Nasrallah (for those of you wondering, the "thank you nasrallah" is ironical)

Iranian Revolutionary Guards in South Lebanon ?

Israel's Channel 10 television cited yesterday evening (August 9th) diplomatic sources as saying members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard had been found among Hezbollah guerillas slain by Israeli forces in southern Lebanon.
It carried on by saying that the Iranians were identified by papers found on their bodies. but it gave no further details on how many were discovered or when.

Hezbollah today denied the news:

"Hezbollah categorically denies the lies and claims that the enemy is promoting that Iranian fighters are present in the confrontations with the occupation forces," the pro-Iranian Lebanese guerrilla group said.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards are traditionally very close to fellow Shiite Muslims in Hezbollah and were deployed in south Lebanon in the 1980s.

More details as the story develops...

Update 1 : the iranian Embassy in Beirut denies the presence of Iranians in HA ranks

Monday, August 07, 2006

To understand the current situation (Excellent article !)

I stumbled across an article by Michael Young, published 3 days ago.
In my opinion, it explains very well the current lebanese situation, and why we are today at war.

I recommand reading it, even it is a bit lenghty. It is worth it.

Here is the article (free registration to the new york times website required.)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

QANA tragedy.... Where is the truth ? double tragedy ??

No need to explain to the reader what the Qana massacre was all about.
But apparently, many contradictory informations are beginning to see the light...

At first, the numbers were as follows:
approx. 60 civilians dead, under which no less than 37 children..

Today, it appears that Lebanese hospital officials revised down that number, to.. 28 civilian victims. They also said that no less than 10 people are still missing. (source: Naharnet)

Where is the truth ? why all this mishandling of innocent victims' lives ? which number is the right one ? and who is responsible for the wrong number ?

One thing is sure, all this fuss around Qana clearly shows one thing:
innocent human lives have also become, alas, an instrument of war and propaganda... no word can describe this atrocity.. welcome to the human lives trading fair !

An nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur ?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Michel AOUN / Ehud YAARI: Where does AOUN really stand ?

I got the following information from a contact on my blog (thank you O.S.).

A few days ago, Ehud Yaari, the Middle East commentator for Israel TV Channel 2 and an associate of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, shared a statement on the evening News (at 8 p.m. local time), at Channel 2, in Israel.

The statement was sent to him by a representative of Michel Aoun. Ehud Yaari summerized the statement as follows.

It is a message from Aoun to the Israelis, which basically states that Aoun is not engaged in this fighting, other than by aiding the refugees, and solely that.
Mainly, that they (Aoun's party) are only helping diplaced people and refugees, and only involved on the humanitarian aspect.

As I am not in Lebanon, so from the information I could gather these past weeks on the internet, I figured that Aoun was standing morally and politically beside Hizbullah. I might be wrong, as I said.

What is the situation in Lebanon ? and why did Aoun feel somehow obliged to justify his positions to the Israelis ? was he attacked ? why was there no similar statement to the lebanese as well ? why is he viewed in lebanon as an ally (political ally of course, not military) to Hizbullah ?
I hope your comments will help me understand the situation better.

A little annexe:
The lebanese are familiar with michel aoun. I will try to give a very very short glimpse at the man, and I don't pretend to be exhaustive.
Aoun was in exile for 14 years, for opposing the syrian presence in lebanon. he came back last year, after the Cedar Revolution succeded in pushing the Syrians out.
Upon his return, he was a fierce opposer to Hizbullah, saying that there should be no state within the State, and no arms outside the lebanese army.
a while ago, his stance changed almost radically, where he allied himself with hizbullah (some say, mainly the march 14th coalition, that it is because of Aoun's electoral aspirations, which his alliance with HA could provide him).
he distanced himself from the March 14th coalition, and began flirting more with HA.
Once a staunch outspoken ennemy of Syria, he also began to soften his stance about Syria, totally unthinkable, just a couple of months earlier. This even drove Syrian president Assad to "Thank" Aoun for his support and consider him a defender of Syria in Lebanon.

During this ongoing war, he seems to be blaming it on the Israelis, and acknowledges HA as a resistance.

I would like to state that I do NOT belong to any lebanese political party, and this thread is merely for me to obtain the truth.

P.S: If somebody has the exact statement that Aoun forwarded to Yaari, I would be very interested..

Update 1: News Confirmed !