Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GEMAYEL's Assassination: Police had little to report, Pro-syrians accuse.. the VICTIM..

Police said today, they had little to report about the assassination.

One must admit, it is rather dazzling, this declaration.

A man, in his car, in a moderatly crowded christian neighborhood, in broad daylight, gets bumped in the back by another car, of which 3 gunmen come out, and shower the man's car with bullets, killing him and his bodyguard..

Did I forget anything ? ah yes... this man, is a Cabinet Minister !!!

What am I missing ?? how could the police say they have little to report ?
Is it for the secrecy of the investigation ?? well I thought about that, but no, it couldn't be the right answer. Just look at all the previous assassination attempts where the police gave the same statements.. no suspects have been apprehended yet !

But now it is even stranger, because it happened in a different manner. No boobytrapped car, no remote controlled detonations. No. The murderers were there in their flesh and blood.
yet...."little to report"...

The funniest thing, though, are the responses of the pro-syrian camp.
Basically, they accused march 14 (some specified Geagea) of killing Gemayel, to prevent the pro-syrians from staging their demonstrations..

Let's remember together that Franjieh had in the past accused Saad Hariri of murdering his own father, Rafic Hariri, to gain power..

Syrian FM said that they should investigate with Geagea, because he predicted the murder days before.

Strange world, where the primary suspects accuse the victims... If you needed another proof of guilt, there you go...

Veritas Vos Liberabit, Veritas Lux Mea..


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